12 Benefits Of Having A Website For Photography

12 Benefits Of Having A Website For Photography

Photography is an art, which is now taking on as a commercial prospect with time. Once it used to be just a hobby but now it has become a competitive profession for many all around the world. With the growing competition and the vast online exposure, it is thus highly important for a photographer to take some extra efforts in showcasing his/her work. And the best way to do so is through creating a portfolio website that shall help you in several different ways.

1. The Act of Creating

The simple act of creation is important in helping us as humans feel fulfilled. When a child finishes a drawing that may not be the masterpiece he or she thinks it is, they beam with pride as praise is showered down upon them.

This excitement to create is something all of us share, young or old, male or female. Your perceived level of creativity doesn’t matter either. It is the act of doing that counts.

2. Motivation to get outside

So much good comes by simply getting outside into the fresh air. Movement, sunlight, fresh air all contribute to lifting your mood.

For me, a good stroll through the neighborhood on a photo expedition does so much for my mind and spirit.

Don’t feel like you have to go far on this journey, just down the street is good enough. As you walk familiar paths with your mind focused on photography, new things will catch your eye and speak to your mind.

You’ll find yourself discovering a fresh new vision and perspective on a street or area that you have passed through many times.

3. Finding beauty in the world

Often, as life marches on, we struggle to see the good that exists in our lives and in the world around us. Life is filled with endless routines that can sometimes leave us feeling tied down and helpless.

At these moments things that once brought us joy, can simply become duties to take care of and tasks to accomplish.

Using a camera to find beauty in the things and people around us, helps us to see things in a different light. Inspires us to try and capture the beauty that exists everywhere.

Rena Effendi, a photographer whose photographic works have appeared in National Geographic and Time was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, but grew up in the USSR amid desperate conditions as her country fought for independence.

Through all of this, photography helped her to see beauty in the world around us.

We too can find beauty in our lives through photography.  From the simpleness of everyday objects around us to the craziness of our children who bring us joy yet drive us crazy.

A wonderful therapeutic benefit of photography, is that it can help you to see beauty again in the world if you’ll only just look.

4. Set yourself apart  

It is essential as a photographer to build your website so as to showcase your work and stand out in the crowd where everyone who owns a camera thinks of him as a photography expert. Your photography website will exhibit some of your best clicks as a professional photographer. Ensure that your photography gallery justifies and reflects your talent to the world in the best possible manner.

5. Be your brand

Building a website is the first step towards creating your own brand. In an increasingly competing world generating enough business for yourself without creating a brand is difficult. Your photography website is one of the initial steps in the process of gaining recognition for your artwork. compete

6. Your website is your curriculum vitae

An online exhibition of your work as a photographer helps people in judging your skills and expertise well so that they can contact or hire you when needed. It is important that every photographer displays his/her best pictures after proper editing, as you would do for displaying them in a photography exhibition.

7. Share it

A photography website makes your artwork, pictures, services and rates pretty accessible for everyone. You can save a lot of time by just passing on the link to your photography website to everyone who asks for. The hassle of unnecessary interactions and mailing sample pictures as attachments to every potential client gets reduced to a great extent when you have an online portfolio at display.

8.Turn your website into your sales manager

Along with your portfolio gallery, you as a photographer can also use your site for listing out your services and charges. It gets easier to display what services you are offering and for what prices along with what kind of clientele you are looking forward to work with. Listing everything very clearly on your photography website ensures that you’ve everything a client needs to know in written. Clients will get to know exactly what can be expected of you as a photographer and there will be no scope of confusion.

9. Improve your reach

This is the generation of Internet and search engines. Whenever anyone needs any service, they are likely to look for the service they want through the popular search engines like Google. The good part is that you, as a photographer can now easily optimize your photography website for search engines using the quality SEO integration tools. Optimizing your photography portfolio site for search engines will ensure to make your site rank higher in the search results. And thereby, people looking out for photography services shall be directed to your website via search engines generating more traffic.

10. Build your own website

These days there are a lot of website building tools that allow you to build an eye-catching website design. With a visually appealing website, you can easily convert visitors into clients thereby, generating more business for your photography career. But be careful while selecting web builder, your website is your personality. Don’t use cheap template based website builders.

11. Offer best services.

A website will help you offer benefits to your customers when selling out your work to them. People are more interested in benefits such as offering customized photography packages for different occasions that makes it sound more appealing.

12. Sale online

Sale online your best shots. Make your website online store to sale your work online with value added services like beautiful photographs and posters.


There are so many wonderful things that photography can provide. It can provide so much more.  Even if you never plan to become a profession photographer, photography can bless and change your life in so many ways.  So don’t wait, get out and start shooting today.

Last but not the least, your photography website will have an emotional value to you. You shall have something of your own, a small space in the vast world of World Wide Web.

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