4 things Website form “Contact Us” pages must-have

4 things Website form “Contact Us” pages must-have

One of the most visited pages on any website is the contact page, and part of what makes a good contact page is a good website form.

The best of the best gather information without causing friction. Having developed hundreds of websites over the years, TBH Creative has learned a thing or two about what makes a good website form. Obvious factors, like clarity and design, come into play. You also need to think about how this tool can help solve your customers’ problems or lead prospects down the funnel.

Keep reading to learn more about must-haves when developing the professional website forms.

1Determine what info you need

When interacting with your website users, it’s more important to build trust than gain insights. You can’t build that trust if you make it all about your needs all the time. That’s what it can feel like when a company makes you fill out a never-ending website form. No user wants to deal with the hassle of having to provide way too much personal info upfront when filling out a basic website form.

Make using your website form feel simple and purposeful. Remember: you can always get more details when you follow-up.

Pro-tip: Why ask for an email address and not a phone number? Think of it this way: Since the person has decided to reach out to you by computer, in most cases, that’s how they expect you to respond. Also, for example, for more private people, the act of providing their email address may feel like a smaller commitment than providing a phone number. If someone is still early in the buyer journey, meet them where they are.

If you are worried that you might get a lot of spam from people using fake email accounts created at Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL, you can set up your website form that requires a user to provide their business email address. As a bonus, when you request a business email address, that will give you insights into which company they work.

Your website form isn’t the time or place to start playing a game of 20 questions. Skip asking about that don’t make a difference to them when it comes helping them get what they need from you.

Instead, stick with the basics. Figure out which details you truly need to receive via a website form before you get back in touch with them.

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