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Best 10 Web Developer Communities Every Developers Should Join in 2023

Best 10 Web Developer Communities Every Developers Should Join in 2023

Best 10 Web Developer Communities Every Developers Should Join in 2023, As a developer you need to improve your learning everyday. Here are the best 10 web developer communities that every developer should join.

  1. StackOverflow
  2. GitHub
  3. Hackernoon
  4. Hashnode
  5. HackerNews
  6. FreeCodeCamp
  7. Dev
  8. CodeProject
  9. IndieHackers
  10. Medium
Table of Contents
  • Web Developer Communities Every Developer Should Join
    • 1. StackOverflow
    • 2. GitHub
    • 3. Hackernoon
    • 4. Hashnode
    • 5. HackerNews
    • 6. FreeCodeCamp
    • 7. Dev Community
    • 8. CodeProject
    • 9. IndieHackers
    • 10. Medium
  • Conclusion

Web development technologies update every day, so the software development field is becoming considerably challenging. Therefore you need some sources that can help as the ultimate support system. Where you can share knowledge, ask questions, discuss new things, review codes, learn, which is why we bring Best 10 Web Developer Communities Every Developers Should Join in 2023 etc.

Communities are the collaborative platform for the tech-savvy, expert, competent, and beginner. Where knowledge, individual experience, failures, and skills are to be shared to help all other members.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

I have created a list of the best 10 web development communities that every individual developer or web development company should join, to enhance networking.

Web Developer Communities Every Developer Should Join

1. StackOverflow

Stack Overflow,  a public platform for those who want to learn code, share knowledge, and build their career. It’s a forum posting site where you can ask questions and give answers to tons of web development and computer programming topics.

You can ask many questions every day. Most of the time you’ll get the answer from already asked questions. You can share bugs, errors, issues, or blocks of code and answer a question using your knowledge of programming.

  • Monthly visitors – 100+ Million
  • Question asked to-date – 21+ Million
  • Times a developer got help – 50.6+ Billion

2. GitHub

GitHub is a collaborative communication forum site where 65+ million developers working together, share thoughts, ask questions, and help to build projects. You can follow the discussion you are interested in and can share your project with other members to discuss.

GitHub is one of the most patronized and authoritative forum communities globally.

  • Organizations using GitHub – 3+ million
  • Repositories – 200+ million
  • 72% are Fortune 50

3. Hackernoon

Hackernoon is the website for technologists where you can read,  write, and publish technical articles internationally. It’s a community of 15000+ tech writers and over 3,000,000 enthusiasts, readers.

Companies such as Adobe, Apple, Alphabet, Google, IBM, Intel, Tesla, Samsung share articles and expertise here. You can write articles on topics such as technology, software, and decentralization with hundreds of different subtopics and publish them.

4. Hashnode

Hashnode is a global community of programmers. You can share your ongoing projects, stories, ask questions, suggestions, and also give answers to other’s questions. It’s a free platform that helps you to stay connected with the global developers’ community.

You can publish technical blogs or real-life development problems anonymously here. These blogs are shared with all members of the communities to get exposure. Register users can follow authors, and tags such as Java, Python, React, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

5. HackerNews

HackerNews is a social news website for programmers around the world. Developers can share the link of the content, comment, ask questions related to the programming. Best website to learn and grow as a developer. Hundreds of computer science articles are shared every day here.

You can easily share the article by creating an account and submitting it. Readers can upvote and comment on your articles.

6. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a 100% free nonprofit platform to learn and practice coding. You can learn coding by working on small projects and will get a free certificate from FreeCodeCamp. 40,000+ graduates have gotten jobs in companies including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify, etc.

You can use the forum website of FreeCodeCamp where millions of programmers from different countries share thoughts, ideas, problems, and errors to enhance their knowledge.

Thousands of videos on Youtube, articles, interactive coding lessons, study groups, and forums help people to learn easily.

7. Dev Community

An open-source community of over 632,417 software developers where coders share, learn, stay up-to-date, help each other, and grow their careers. You can use resources like Podcasts, Articles, FAQs, Videos, News, Real-world examples, and knowledge of others to enhance your coding skills.

This platform covers almost every topic of computer programming such as Angular, React, JavaScript, Python, and CSS. That makes it an exceptional website for beginners to learn to code as well as career advice.

8. CodeProject

CodeProject is a constantly growing community of amazing web developers and programmers with 14,912,384 active members. You can learn by searching articles on topics like Web Development, Artificial Intelligence,  DevOps, Java, .Net, C++, Database, etc. You can even share your knowledge as well.

Ask questions, write answers, and discuss more than 20 computer programming topics (C#, Web Development, AI, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, DevOps, ASP.Net, IoT, Linux programming, iOS, DataBase) with millions of skilled web developers around the world.

9. IndieHackers

IndieHackers is an emerging online community of world-class web developers. It’s a place where founders of successful startups share their stories, revenue, and experience with other members.

You can learn from the success stories of aspiring entrepreneurs and get connected with the thousands of other founders who are growing their companies.

The website provides a forum where every member can share experience, and knowledge, explore ideas and offer support. To date, 20,000 members have registered to IndieHackers.

10. Medium

Medium is the best medium to improve your knowledge of computer programming, and web development. Almost every tech-savvy used to publish a highly professional piece of content here. You can learn from those thousands of tech articles. You can comment, upvote, subscribe and connect to the author directly.


We know the internet has connected the whole world, now no one is too far to share knowledge. These communities are supporting the progress of web development and computer programming. You can explore your knowledge of programming with such helpful communities available on the internet.

These aren’t just groups, we can say these are the family of people who appreciate other work, helps to grow, and make the web a better place to learn.

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