Frequently asked questions for a website design project

Frequently asked questions for a website design project

Your website is one of your most powerful and useful marketing tools. As time goes on, design changes and technology advances, nudging you and your company to consider a new website design to stay current.

With many factors, steps, and costs to consider, starting a redesign project or building a brand new site can get a bit overwhelming, even if it isn’t your first time.

That’s why we have pulled together this post. Keep reading to get answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients regarding kicking off a new website redesign.

Do I really need a website redesign? How do I begin?

The first place to start is to determine if your site needs a website redesign is to assess your business needs and see if your website syncs up.

Ask yourself some of the following questions to be better prepared when you meet with a web agency about finding the right solution for your company’s project:

  • Is my site functioning properly?
  • Do I need more than one new page layout template to accomplish our goals?
  • Is our site design or content out-of-date?
  • Does our website accurately represent my company?
  • Is my target audience visiting my website? Do they find it useful?
  • Have our services or products changed? Do we need to rework our site structure to account for more products or services than when we first started?
  • Are we happy with our current web design agency?

How long does it take to redesign a website?

It depends. There are many variables involved that influence the length of your project. Some of these factors include:

  • The size of the website
  • The CMS you choose to use
  • Any custom or advanced features that need to be added
  • When content is ready
  • Your feedback and input on the work

The most important thing to remember is everything is interrelated. While even the best website design firms can help adjust timelines, staying on schedule is key to keeping to your desired timeline.

Learn five tactics to keep your website redesign project on schedule

My target audience has changed. How should we adjust our site to fit their needs and goals?

First, find out who is currently visiting your website using basic analytics. You’ll want to do a bit of discovery work to define and describe the “persona” of your target audience.

Once you’ve compared who you are reaching and who you want to reach, you may need to adjust your content, structure, navigation, and design to better suit the audience you are trying to reach.

Should we set up and use a web analytics tool?

Linking your site with an analytics tool is important for understanding how your marketing efforts are working, user behavior, and so much more.

Consistently evaluating your site’s analytics will help you better understand your audience and adjust your marketing strategies as necessary.

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