Webpadi Man of the Month : Ambassador Tamuno Tonye Lawrence Alali

Ambassador Tamuno Tonye Lawrence Alali  (born December 4, 1992) is an International Diplomat,: a special Envoy of the Nigerian Government, Singer and Film Maker ( Producer, Director, writer and actor . Known for his Creation: the Best 5 reality TV show with 5 celebrity Brand Inspectors from 5 major continents in the world. who’s mission is to verify and Celebrate authentic made in Nigeria products, to save the dwindling national economy and rescue the large population of people who fall victims to fake goods.
because he believes the fake goods industry accounts for the underdevelopment of his country and other low income countries. as the the international Chambers of commerce reports that the fake goods industry remains responsible for the reduction of sales taxes from genuine businesses and responsible for the deaths of millions of people through fake beverage and Drugs.

He has been described as a true Patriot for always expressing his love for his Nation through National transformational events and media shows.

Tonye ALALI is the Chairman of uproar Multimedia LLC. a film, media, events and Brand management company situated in Abuja Nigeria.

He is also known for his frequent Love for Jamaican dancehall /reggea music, Hence. he is Nick named: Tzone_AL. . Throughout his career spanning over one decade Alali has produced for the Nigerian television Authority. the silverbirds television. the cinemas and many coporate organizations within and outside Nigeria.

Born:. in Ogoloma in okirika Local Government Area. of Rivers State Nigeria.

RESIDENCE : Port Harcourt and Abuja Nigeria.

Occupation: Diplomat, film Maker, and Media consultant.

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