Why Hire a Web Agency?

Why Hire a Web Agency?

We’re often asked ‘what’s the point of hiring a website agency when I can so easily build my own site using one of those template sites?’

Well yes, of course, it’s never been easier to ‘DIY’ – and there’s no doubt that today’s very sophisticated off-the-shelf products are more than serviceable. That said, with the best will in the world, there are some things those services can’t provide at all – or at best can only offer in a fairly limited manner.

For example – the process is, by definition, automated. Only website agency professionals have the experience to understand your detailed brief, assimilate and interpret your brand’s personality, style and tone and translate all that into a website in perfect harmony with all your other brand communications.

That experience also manifests itself in the invisible, highly technical ‘backbone’ of your site – the bespoke coding of a truly responsive design that guarantees the same functionality and impact whether it’s viewed on a phone, a tablet a PC or a TV!

Furthermore, of course, getting an expert to do the job will definitely save you time – in fact you may find the process of building and maintaining your own site becomes a never-ending task, especially when you’re not entirely conversant with all the intricacies. Then there are the dark arts of online strategy/SEO, with which you can do little more than dabble without the insight of a website ‘wizard’ (and you know what they say about a little knowledge!).

Last but not least, by using a website agency, you can be sure of a website you can count on – and a team behind it handling all the maintenance and updating tasks that would be a constantly nagging headache were you to ‘go it alone’!

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